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Critical Tips to Read Before Starting a Home Renovation

Stop, Read This Post Before Your Start Any Home Reno Project!  

To make sure that your home renovation is a success, it is vital that you are fully prepared. The following are some considerations you need to do before embarking on any major home improvement project, that is if you wish to avoid a whole bunch of regrets later on down the line.

Know what you like

This is the easy part, yes? Wrong, so you want a totally new kitchen, however, what exactly does that encompass? You must narrow down whether it is just cosmetic, such as new cupboards, countertops, and appliances, or structural, such as reconfiguring your space or knocking down walls?

Running the numbers

There’s a reason a “dream house” is called this, as it may not actually exist in real life, at least not within the parameters of your budget! So before you start to get too attached to single-slab counters or expensive light fixtures, take a walk around your local design center to start pricing all the materials and labor.

Do a reality check

You could be off base with what is feasible in home renovation. For instance, a project that looks simple, such as adding a laundry room upstairs, can rapidly become a budget-buster when you realize you have to configure plumbing due to the location you chose. Always consult an architect or contractor, as they will give you some insight into which projects are e workable, and which are not.

Deciding to go DIY or go pro

For all but the basic of jobs, unless you are a contractor, using a professional contractor like Good Deal Home Improvement LLC is the best way to go. And even if you want to do some of the work, be realistic about what your skills are. Also, take into consideration how much free time you have; as no one wants to have to use the downstairs bathroom for months because you do not have the time to complete the job.

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