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Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Renovation Contractor

How to Hire a Professional Home Renovation Contractor?

Picking a renovation contractor to hire is a huge decision. After all, you don’t just let this individual and their crew in your house, but you’ll actually give them a lot of cash as well. With that in mind, it’s important to first do some homework so you can make sure you pick the right worker for the job. Here are three questions that you need to ask before hiring a professional home renovation contractor:

Are You Licensed and Insured?

A resounding yes should always be the answer to these concerns. As the owner, you are perfectly entitled to request copies of the permit and insurance policies of any company. When they can’t be provided by a contractor, that could be evidence that you’re actually not doing business with a true professional and don’t have the permits and other credentials to operate. Keep in mind that these documents protect you. So be sure to hire only those who have the right credentials.

Can I See Any of Your Past Projects and References?

Every home renovation company deserving of their salt will have on hand samples of their past work. If external work is done, ask for addresses so that you can drive through the homes and evaluate the quality of the work done by the contractor with your own eyes. Though, if your plan is indoors, such as a kitchen or bathroom, you might have to settle down for photos.

How Long Will It Take To Achieve the Project?

Essentially, when you choose to work with this agency, you’ll want to get a broad picture of how the job will go. Even though they don’t have to give you a daily schedule, they should be able to give you some idea of how long they think your project will take.

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